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Eyes are the mirror of the Soul...

An open, alert look is perceived by our environment as attractive and vital. In the course of life, the elasticity of the upper and lower eyelid diminishes, especially in the area of the thin eye skin. Even when one is rested and recovered, the so-called slip-flop can make our gaze and thus facial expression tired, exhausted and sad.
Increased sagging of the skin is often not just a cosmetic problem. Possible symptoms range from tiredness and burning eyes to visual field limitations.

Surgery for eyelid surgery, however, is a major and not always low-risk procedure, which many sufferers reject because of the long healing process, possible scarring, over-cut (the eyelid can not be closed completely) and other side effects.

Now thanks to the plasma treatment, there is a gentle alternative to surgery!

Eyelid lifting without surgery with planoplas®


How does the plasma treatment with planoplas® work?

At the applicator tip of the planoplas® pen, a so-called plasma flash is generated with the help of ionized ambient air. The transfer of energy to the skin takes place only when the applicator tip has a distance of about 0.5 mm to the skin, so does not come into direct contact with it. The visible result of the treatment is the thermal skin reaction, the so-called plasma points.

Each set plasma spot creates an effect radius that contracts the skin in the immediate vicinity. Due to the optimal arrangement of the dots, an effect grid is created, which causes a significant tightening of the area.

Overall, the treatment is low in complications, gentle on the tissue and almost painless thanks to a pre-treatment cream.

The result of the treatment is immediately visible for a few minutes, followed by a swelling that may last for several days. The visible plasma dots are covered by special AfterCare cosmetic products and protected against environmental influences.
It is very important that the AfterCare concept is strictly adhered to for the best results.


Treatment duration

For each eye about 8-10 minutes are required.
The time for information and preparation has to be added.


At the moment we assume a durability of approx. 2 years or longer - depending on the customer´s skin and its aging process.

Amount of treatments

Very often only one treatment is required. Of course it depends on individual conditions, so that one or two smaller follow-up treatments might be necessary during the following months. Also the customer´s age is an issue.

Price of the eyelid lifting without surgery

The costs for liftings with planoplas® vary individually. Please consult your practitioner to get fully informed. In any case they will be much lower than the costs for a surgery.


The individual consultation with your planoplas® practitioner is essential before the desired plasma-treatment. You will be asked special questions regarding your health to ensure a successful treatment.

Expected side effects

Swelling of the treated areas and scabbing.


The swelling and scabbing will be visible for approx. 1 week, so you might not want to join official events. But you can immediately do your normal work. Avoid thermical fluctuations!


Strictly follow the planoplas® AfterCare concept!
Please avoid thermical fluctuations such as sauna, hammam, solarium, sun until the scabbing disappears. To avoid pigment disorder, sun-blocker (SPF 50+) MUST be used on the treated areas.