Based on our experience of more than a hundred treatments, we have developed our own planoplas plasma pen. It meets all the needs of users and customers, is 100% made in Germany and complies with all EU directives.

  • light: with 69 grams and 14.5 cm – THE smallest and lightest plasma pen – MADE IN GERMANY
  • ergonomic: The plasma pen has an ergonomic grip, is well balanced and feels good in the hand
  • Reliability: you can count on the plasma pen. We guarantee this on the basis of numerous quality tests, new measuring techniques (adapted from other sectors such as the automotive industry) as well as continuous load tests in practice and in the laboratory.
  • Assurance: The plasma pen not only meets the usual security requirements. It even ensures more safety than is necessary. The CE Declaration of Conformity is a matter of course and a must in Europe to establish and maintain a branded certificate providing the best.
  • made in Germany: In the interest of our customer’s safety and quality assurance, it was important to us to be able to influence production at all times. That’s why we have our planoplas® plasma pen manufactured in Karlsruhe and in the Ruhr Area.
  • High quality: before a pen is delivered, this has to pass our 3-stage quality test. Therefore Safety, Quality and Performance it at its best comparing to all other Plasma devices around the world.
  • Warranty: We offer a 2-year limited warranty on our planoplas® plasma pen which meets the longest warranty certification offered among all plasma companies.
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Important NOTE:

You can only purchase our planoplas® plasma pen in combination with a training.

Further information:

Based on our own experience, we have created a series of seminars that will guide you to the safe, professional handling of your plasma pen in logical, successive steps. You will get to know your plasma pen and apply the almost unlimited possibilities of cosmetic plasma technology.

We guide you through every step of the way, offer assistance with questions and problems at all times and provide intensive support in WhatsApp groups and via online consultation even after the seminars.

In addition, we help you to spread your enthusiasm and inspire existing and new customers for the fantastic possibilities of plasma technology. For example, you learn how to take perfect before-and-after pictures, how to organize an information event, and how to use advertising material provided by us to make this innovative treatment method available in your studio.