How do I sign up?

On our website you find all current training dates and have the opportunity to register.


As soon as we receive your payment, you will get a binding confirmation of registration.

Equipment and training costs:

  • 2 Day BASIC Training
    • 2,980.00 € plus VAT for training – planoplas pen included
    • Note: Within Germany, you can also lease the planoplas pen. Please contact us.
  • 1 Day ADVANCED Training
    • 790,00 € plus VAT for participants who have completed the 2 Day BASIC training with us
    • € 1,290.00 for participants with experience from competitor courses
    • The costs include the certificate, snacks & drinks and lunch.

Contents & Procedure of the 2 Day BASIC Training:

  • Theoretical introduction by Markus Müller & Team
  • Plasma treatment demonstration using planoplas pen on models by Markus Müller & Team
  • Practical planoplas-Pen training with 5-spot technique and other methods
  • PRACTICAL PART: Treatment of own models with the support of Markus Müller & Team
  • Simulation of a consultation
  • Tips and application examples for before/after photos
  • Extensive AfterCare training
  • Extensive training documents
  • Certificate of attendance after completion of the training
  • Optional: acquisition of a certificate – after a theoretical examination
  • You get your own planoplas pen
  • Note: Read all important information about the models.

Content & Procedure of the 1 Day ADVANCED Training:

  • Short theoretical repetition (max 30-60 minutes) Markus Müller & Team
  • It will be a lot of practical work on this day – always under the guidance of Markus Müller
  • It is worked on at least 2 – at most 5 – own models. We strongly recommend that you bring your own models for ADVANCED training as it will bring you a tremendous advantage to accompany the time of the healing phase. You can seamlessly document the healing and take “progress photos” that can serve it as visual aids for your future clients and studies.
  • Focus: crow’s feet, cheek wrinkles, perioral folds, wrinkles on the chin (mouth part), double chin, neck lift, ear folds (in front of the ear), upper and lower eyelid.
  • Final exam with certificate
  • Note: Please read the important information about the models.


We usually start our training at 10:00. We do not like to set an end time because we want to spend enough time on all questions. Furthermore, the duration depends on how many models are treated.

Training dates:

All upcoming training dates can be found under registration


To carry out the practical part, each trainee must bring his/her own models. If no own models can be brought, we will try to organize suitable models. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this 100%. Therefore, we ask for timely notification.

Why do I have to bring my own models?

In general, we recommend you to bring your own models. Why? Because it will give you a huge advantage to accompany the whole healing process. You can seamlessly document the healing and create “progress photos” that can serve as visual aids for your future clients.

How many models should I bring?

You should bring 1-2 models (a third model should be possible after consultation). During the training, these models will be treated like your customers. At first, you inform them about the treatment and aftercare in detail. After that, you perform the treatment under the supervision of a trainer. Finally, you will monitor and document the healing process during the days after the treatment.

How do I know if the models are suitable for treatment?

To ensure this, please send us a photo of the models in advance with their eyes closed (photographed closely) via e-mail to We will check the pictures and tell you whether the models can be treated with planoplas pen.

When do I need the models?

At our 2 Day BASIC training you will only need your models on the second day.

What you should definitely tell your model before?

Please clarify your model that it has to expect a downtime of 3-8 days, depending on the work situation. After treatment, swelling occurs on the treated area and below the eyes. This lasts about up to 3 days. Then a scab is visible on the treated area. This must fall off by itself! That can take about -8 days. The area must be maintained with a special plasma aftercare (this will be given as part of the treatment). The exact care instructions will be sent to you in good time. If the model is taking regular or short-term medication, please let us know in advance. Also with health restrictions or technical implants. At least 2-3 months after the treatment it is very important to use a sunscreen of minimum SPF 50 on the treated area (no matter if summer or winter), as otherwise it may lead to a pigmentation disorder.