How does the planoplas® plasma pen work?

The plasma generated by planoplas® consists of ionized gas, similar to a microburst. The energy required is minimal, but the generated plasma transfers the energy very precisely to the skin and protects the surrounding tissues. The precision of the planoplas® is impressive and enables outstanding results with minimal disruption.

How does eyelid tightening / skin tightening with planoplas® work?

During treatment, the plasma effect causes a thermal skin reaction. The treatment takes between 5-15 minutes depending on the area and severity. Including preparation and cooling time after the treatment you should plan about 1.5 hours for one session. Immediately after the treatment cover the treated area with our AfterCare.

What is plasma?

Plasma is called the fourth state of matter. Matter achieves this state when you supply enough energy to split atoms into electrons. The result is a cloud of free, negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions, radicals, and molecules. This cloud that consists of charged particles is called plasma.

What side effects are to be expected after eyelid tightening / skin tightening with planoplas®?

After the treatment, there is a local swelling. Customers should cool the skin to soften the swelling.
You will experience more swelling next day morning after the treatment. The degree of swelling depends on the intensity of treatment, the area of treatment and the tendency of the patient to swell. The swelling decreases quickly and usually disappears after 3 days.
1-2 days after the treatment scab develops. You should not scrape it off. Instead, simply wait until the scab falls off after 6-8 days, From then on, the skin will be pink for about 4 weeks to 4 months.

How does planoplas® generate plasma?

planoplas® uses the phenomenon of dielectric barrier discharge.

What are the benefits of eyelid tightening/skin tightening with planoplas®?

A planoplas treatment has several advantages:

  • No anaesthetic injection is needed. Therefore no bruising is to be expected.
  • no general anesthetic required
  • no cuts necessary
  • tightening is visible immediately
  • relatively short downtime
  • only short term persistent redness
  • no scars
  • no asymmetries
  • no change in eye shape (facial expression) during eyelid tightening
  • no risk of overcorrection

Which gases are ionized?

planoplas® ionizes the ambient air, consisting mainly of approx. 78% nitrogen and approx. 20% oxygen.

What are the advantages of the planoplas® treatment compared to a laser treatment?

  • Compared to lasers, no light is used in the planoplas® treatment. Therefore, there is no risk of PIH (postinflammatory hyperpigmentation). It is also easy to treat dark skin types without the risk of hyperpigmentation. Transient pigmentation is possible when using unsuitable products.
  • In a laser treatment (e.g. with a fractional laser), the dermis is damaged by the laser to trigger the healing process. In contrast, in planoplas® treatment, the dermis is not damaged but stimulated. The high-energy plasma particles penetrate the skin layers and trigger a tightening effect and accelerated healing.
  • The planoplas® application is less painful.
  • A planoplas® treatment leaves no scars, provided that the customer adheres to the appropriate care specifications.

What does planoplas® plasma consist of?

Because planoplas® ionizes the ambient air that consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species are generated.

What possible side effects are to be expected?

Usually, no serious side effects are to be expected. When treating smaller areas of skin, healing is no matter. When treating larger areas of skin, swelling may occur for 1-3 days. The scab falls off a few days later. After that, the skin in the treated area will be pink for about 4 weeks to 4 months. After treatment up to approx. 4 months after, UV protection with SPF 50 must be applied to avoid pigmentation problems.

How does the planoplas® affect the skin?

The plasma generated with planoplas® has two different mechanisms of action:
Extrinsic (external): The planoplas® plasma pen produces a microablation. This means that one wears off a part of the upper skin layer. The plasma microablation is strictly limited to the upper layers of the skin and very precise. The underlying tissue is spared, allowing accelerated healing.
Intrinsic: The generated plasma contains ionized particles that reach deeper layers of the skin. The charged particles, including NO, ozone (O3) and others, cause mild numbing, accelerate healing (plasma disinfecting) and induce a scar-free healing.

How many sessions are necessary?

The number of sessions depends on the findings, the area of the skin to be treated, the intensity of treatment and the ability of the skin to heal.
Depending on the desired result, 1-4 sessions may be necessary.

How does plasma accelerate wound healing?

The intrinsic plasma effect is mainly produced by the nitrogen reactive species and the oxygen reactive species that reach deeper skin layers. Plasma causes an acceleration of fibroblast division (mitosis) and fibroblast migration, as well as a promotion of neovascularization. The mitosis and migration of keratinocytes are promoted, too.

Is planoplas® a tested device?

Yes, the planoplas® plasma pen is CE certified and completely MADE IN GERMANY. Likewise, planoplas® is EU compliant thanks to our close cooperation with DEGEUK – German Association for EU Conformity (www.degeuk.de).

Why is wound healing free of scars after a planoplas® treatment?

The dermis is not injured by the planoplas® treatment. Instead, the plasma generated by planoplas® stimulates the dermis through the nitrogen and oxygen reactive species.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after treatment, the treated area of the skin looks like a bruise. Swelling may occur one day later, but can be reduced by cooling. For the next few days scab occurs. It falls off after a total of 6-8 days. The treated areas will remain red for about 4 weeks – 4 months. In smokers, healing is delayed.

Why is the planoplas® treatment so painless?

The precision of the microablation (tissue removal) does not damage the underlying tissue. Plasma even has a slightly numbing effect. Both facts allow treatments without anesthetic injection.

How much is a treatment?

The costs of a treatment vary depending on its extent. We are happy to consult you without an obligation and free of charge.

Is there a risk of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from planoplas® treatment?

planoplas® does not induce pigmentation. However, it is important to protect the treated skin from UV (sun) radiation for several weeks to months after the treatment.

Do I have to wear special eye protection during treatment?

A special eye protection is not required. Plasma is harmless for the eyes of both the customer and the practitioner.

Do the treated skin areas need a special care?

For an undisturbed healing process our special AfterCare products must be used. Simply follow our care instructions.