More than 15 years experience in beauty treatments without surgery!

Markus Müller and his wife Claudia Müller-Szpak have been offering beauty and aesthetics treatments since 2003. Her goal has always been to find alternatives to surgical procedures. Often operations are neither necessary nor desired by the customer. After all, an operation always means a risk to the body and leads to longer downtimes. Since 2014, the two have specialized in the field of plasma treatments. With almost 10000 treatments, they lead the plasma industry as pioneers and manufacturers in Europe.

Planoplas plasmapen: user-oriented, high-quality, professional

Over the last few years, Markus Müller has dealt extensively with Plasmapen and gained so much practical experience that more and more colleagues have consulted him as an expert. So it happened that he decided to use his collected knowledge and develop a holistic concept – the planoplas brand. In addition to building a successful training center, he has been working on the development of a user-oriented and high-quality plasma plaque – the planoplas plasmapen.

100% Made in
Germany –
100% EU


The planoplas plasmapen was developed entirely according to Markus Müller’s own standards and based on his experience. The Plasmapen is manufactured completely in Germany and complies with all EU directives, thus guaranteeing for highest quality.

Users in
Whole europe

The Müller family is keen to give customers across Europe the opportunity to be professionally treated with the plasma method. To ensure this, they are constantly expanding their network of certified planoplas plasma users far beyond Germany.

The plasma

The plasma treatment
can streamline
surplus skin
at upper and lower eyelid, face, neck
and other parts of face and body.

A plasma is an ionized gas that has special properties as an electrically conductive medium. The energy is transmitted to the skin as a plasma lightning, resulting in a gentle tightening.

Unlike surgery, plasma treatment does not damage the skin. Instead, it only causes a superficial, thermal reaction on the skin. With proper handling, no scars are created and the tightening is long-lasting. The stimulation of the skin results in a quick healing. This creates the so-called “shrinking” effect.

By influencing the fibroblasts, also called collagen cells, the healing is accelerated. An over-tightening is not possible.

The treatment is almost painless and the desired result can be seen for a moment immediately after the treatment. Shortly thereafter, however, the treated area swells and scab is forming.

After the treatment, the area should be cared for with special Aftercare products until the resulting scab has fallen off. Usually, depending on the region and skin condition, 1-4 treatments are needed.

Younger people who would be rejected at the plastic surgeon’s presentation, or patients with health problems that lead to a high risk of surgery, may be treated with plasma pen at low risk.